t British and Foreign Medical Review, vol. i, p. 595.
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Dog 1 (diphtheria). Weight, 8.9 kg. Outlet at 130 cm.
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Hausmann (1913) adds copper sulphate to the urine and dilutes
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iodine be previously ascertained, so as to enable us to procure the solution of a
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it corresponds more closely with that of the insect-borne type
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been transient, lasting an hour or two, or at most twelve hours, but some-
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ent to explore. After removing the coagula, the brain was observed to be col-
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becoming aggravated. I determined to try again the effects of puncturing the
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part of the urobilin in the urine may be derived from the formation
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defects. Briefly he states that in consequence of disease of the lungs
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found in human beings who have received such injections any