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Dr. Henry Mitchell, of Asbury Park, N. J., presided and
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above, one ceases to wonder that brain injuries are both numerous and
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in the skull was quite two inches in diameter, and more
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their treatment. But in our narrow field of observation we
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of tuberculization, which during the last month had become more
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X-ray machine afterward and demonstrate that a fracture is present,
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In the succeeding year, 1827, the mortality from this
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ishing but unstimulating diet ; to give him abundant fresh air and
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and in 2 a syphilitic ; 2 cases followed on asthma, G were
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sterno-mastoid muscle of one side is most commonly associated in its action
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but slight differences. There is a much greater incidence of pneumonia after
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hence, the influence of the cerebro-spinal system is carried
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been kept cold. This report shows the chemical composition of the milk analyzed, but indicates only in
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sodium chloride solution, 1.5 cc of antimeningococcus serum
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Sir : Some time since I was consulted by a young man
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inclining inward where the ribs join the middle third
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lactic a«d and phosphate of lime in the urine of rachitic children is
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No. 1, containing 12 1 oz. Ground Stop. Bottles and
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copious fetid expectoration, anasarca, emaciation, dia-
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Post-mortem revealed an unlooked for condition in the brain. There
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