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the appearance of a white line at the jimction of the pulp of the finger
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i , .^no \^s\v\ '»» hWhivy and renal colics the sudden
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an oimce of camphor-water has first been tried. After the patient
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/\ ii ,111 \u\ riMtdition of the respiratory tract, with a dry cough
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delivered on June 14th, in the Senate House, by Professoir
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have more to do with inducing the malady than is commonly believed,
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production of methremoglobin or injury to the blood from the
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producing abscesses in the lungs, but also return to the left side of the
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been confounded with hemorrhagic small-pox, just as this disease
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ysis in my case was similar to the paralysis following diphtheric exu-
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By EDWARD DEANESLY, M.D., B.Sc.Lond., F.R.C.S.Eng.,
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the Transactions of the American Surgical Association, vol. i.x, ]s91 But,
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brane, which may penetrate deeper with ulceration and then affect
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ture labour : 1.2 per cent, maternal deaths : 63.4 living children.
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the emploiies should receive the surplus after expenses are
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associated with microbic infections, such as the Diplococcus rheumati-
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assist Dr. R. B. Anderson, formerly of Tobago, to defray the
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in the Orissa famine of 1886, when people died of starvation
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less extensive crusts. If upon the face, they are as thick as sand ; it is no
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shhas, or verses, founded on an entirely false and fanciful
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York ; Mr. C. H. Leet, Eeaforth ; Mr. J. Lawson, Hebden Bridge ; Lite
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four of the liquor arsenici hydrochloricus,* given with glj^cerin, forms
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gularities which occurred during the operation were : Loss of
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could be utilised. We would not wish to give any support to
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enteric). These 433 deaths were e<iual to an annual rate of 2 2 per
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Like other similar neuralgias, its victims are usually past middle
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much as the spinal cord is affected in tabes, and for the same reason,
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be left alone, because it causes no inconvenience. One gentieman,
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curved bistoury. The bones at once sprang apart to a dis-
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