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whose only object is a great development, is too artificial. It is true we ought not

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of potassium is added, in fifteen to twenty grain doses for an adult should be al-

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chief cause of uterine disturbance, and urges that there is a

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minute by carefully tilting the slides and noticing whether the drop changes its form.

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occurred in Sunderland, in 1813, forty-three women suf-

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revision. Every line has been scanned for possible improvement.

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cardiac and renal disease ; also in case of exhaustion from any

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very marked stasis, and one accordingly was not surprised to find a very

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ent of the amount of air supplied and even of the temperature.

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the early morning's mist, leaving in our cup of sorrow memories as sweet


Patient put on opium, gr. j., t.i d. for three weeks;

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Dr. Carter's observations are valuable in several par-

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necessary to remember that the external and internal appearances vary much,

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especially prominent in emphysema, because the pulmonary resistance

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tested. Mr. Hunt said, If expensive medicines are wanted for the rich, they

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it as an inexplicable thing, and referred to an undefinable cause. It is

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the crushed nodules were seen the oblong tissue forms and in cultures of

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-, ar'' Tindoubtedly portions of the kidney or cyst, which had

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If that all be so, then the necessity of mending the

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with these, small quantities of the contents of the stomach are not unfre-

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for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, 186 beds, Fee, 3 guineas ; East London

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certainly of rare occurrence either before the evolution of the sexual in-

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subject, and I feel disposed to give some of the views I

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Dr. J. J. Putnam, of Boston, said we deceive ourselves

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true involvement or of a perineuritis. These latter

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factorily determine the fact ; the reports, therefore, of Dr. Merrill are of

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During the second stage of labour, the bearing-down pains tend

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der, ureter, and kidneys, which result from prostatic

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newly formed casts in tubules. Bladder normal and usu-

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" 3. The lymphatics of tributary bronchial tubes met with as

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which we read in the annual catalogues of the vari-

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syphilis oculaire et du moyen de les i)r6veuir. Ann. de

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have been carefully washed with hot saline solution, followed

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necessity in coma, a condition in which the causes and phenomena are