ing, however, should always be done by a carefully instructed person,
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Elements of Medicine, with a Biograpliical Preface by Thomas Beddoes. Lond. 1795.
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manded with the finger, until a narrow strip of lint was stuflfed into the
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Seeing, then, that the tubercle bacillus is found in the dust, in the food
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ibroe of the morbid paroxysms, and to guard against injury to the brain
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sionally attends its disorders might be explained as a secondary conse-
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(vi.) Some of the microbes found in infective endocarditis are also
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fill this communication with what had been read a thousand times before.
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alkaloid. Examples of such readiness to change, however, must be rare.
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and if the directors had undergone the same process, our monied insti-
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hibited in detail in the carefully-prepared tables of Mr. Charles Roberts,
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such as milk, hot water, etc., may be given with advantage to promote
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boat, (6) by dahabeyah. (a) The steamboat voyage is shorter, but less
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the tubercle or diphtheria bacilli — have a tendency to form true
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educated to be an intelligent assistant who can be trusted to administer
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marked enoiigh, but they are often supposed to be due to a common
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Cerebral inflammation is a frequent complication of this disease. To
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cable epidemic. Under both conditions its existence and propagation are
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The experimental methods were varied, some (A. Prankel) injected the
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bactericidal action of the blood serum is due to the breaking down of the
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135. Behring and Nissen. Zeitschr.f. Hygiene, viii. 1890, p. 424. — 136. Buchner.
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in the former if they be watched in the fresh specimen), the prolongation
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A speciality at some springs, especially at Loeche in Switzerland, is
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persons who have undergone great privation and fatigue (soldiers in
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the phrase itself is evidently at variance with what physicians have
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functional state, or to a state approaching the normal, we promote cure ;
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forms of assurance where the period (five years) forms a considerable
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obvious that, although a general water-epidemic has a sudden rise and a
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quarter or perhaps half a century, and leading to no marked deterioration.
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latton fee, which is $5, entitles the student to the use of the College Library. Graduation fee, $S5.
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4. CH.iYNE, W. W. Suppuration and Septic Diseases, 1889 (which contains full refer-
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inoculated against the vibrio of Metschnikoff, Avhich is generally acknowl-
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are seen to contain great numbers of the micrococci.
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tion. He had been affected with moveable pains and swelled joints a
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yet, nevertheless, contained cholera-bacteria. " It is now certain that
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time to time in various parts of England. It occurred, mainly in a
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tions ? He believed, at least, that it would be agreed upon that they
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elements is simple; the influence of the drug often depends almost
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a cure> notwithstanding all the difficulties created by bad and unskilful
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climacteric conditions, and in people who are said to be " run down '• from
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animal aiid vegetable remains, spread over a large surface, readily pro-
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course of the disease, which lasts from sixteen to twenty-one days : the
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bacterial activity, are essentially distinct. The fact that the highest degree
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demic advanced the cases of relapsing fever have become comparatively
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1. That in the higher animals there are several forms of leucocytes.
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the former. The only possible explanation that I can see of the above
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Lynn, aged 84, a distinguished surgeon, and almost the last survivor of the per-
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remissions of the temperature. Other febrile symptoms, such as rapid
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tinue sixteen weeks. The lectoras will be delivered as follows.
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