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(Liverpool) ; A. T. H. Waters, M.D. (Liverpool) ; Ed-

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least three times the normal diameter. By an incision

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Wegener's granulomatosis— Fifteen years’ experience and review of the literature.

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may assist in treatment of physicians referred to the PRP.

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eased pulmonary structures may be used, general blood-letting should be employed

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First, instruct the nurse to give a rectal injection and secure

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labelled ''cured" or "improved" so soon after opera-

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bulletins, etc., which the bureau is glad to furnish free to any one

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vitality without manifest morphological change, became an easy prey

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that subsequent studies on several of the cases in which marked dif-

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contrary to the view which he, and perhaps most of the Fellows had

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paraplegia is usually permanent, although some improvement may Ik* oxpectttj.

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following morning the old soldier, realizing the caprice of fortune,

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inoculability of cancer. The result of his experiments

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gramme carried out included the following: "Our Navy March," Oben-

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sixteen men who died from the caisson disease in this

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* Memoirs of Franklin, 4to. vol. I. Appendix. See also the letters

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