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Hart, L. S. : The diagnosis and treatment of myocardial function, with special

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The prognosis of acute circumscribed gangrene of the lung is, of

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hours. The breathing was easy, the pulse at 120, and the patient took

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Bellini, or collecting canals, ascend, whilst branching out, as far as the

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There is, however, one class of patients in which I

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quired only at intervals. The doors of the room should be open, and

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Lilac. Smalts 4 oz., nitric acid 4 oz. ; let it stand 24 hours,

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the belly. While in the cord the large intestine grows more

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tion in the corresponding territory there is no more change than, indeed

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extension of one month, is granted. Par. 3, S. O. 86, De-

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In 1SS7 a family of three children was attacked with mumps, the disease

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tions, in character of cough and amount of expectora-

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scopic examination became more perfect the error of this view was

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to the current doctrine that death in case of poisoning by

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increase, they vary much in rate; sensibility may fail, although inco-

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naturally, the chaos so often prophesied would certainly take place. But in

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used with apparent great benefit a vaccine prepared from the

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1865, must have been engaged in Professional stud} - during


records shall be open at all times to the inspection of

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chapter, or rather a section of a chapter, on pyemia in the Treatise on the

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I consider it too valuable to be lost. Yours truly,

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