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were removed, the results were much less satisfactory,
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Degenerative changes are present in the nuclei and roots of the cranial
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and bark (of which morphia and quinia are the active elements) will
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below, degeneration goes on in the pyramidal tracts, direct and lateral,
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Atropia Poisoning. — Dr. R. J. Wh.son read the report of a case of
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he anticipates much that we have in modern books on hygiene.
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in Birmingham. Tr. M. Ass. Alabama, Sloutgoniery, 1893,
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as a perfect familiarity with every variety of specimens; and that
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ing to act when we have decided that the danger is in delaying. It
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disease of the kidneys, under my care in the hospital lately, had
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Essence of Cubebs. Mix powdered cubebs with ether, in a
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farmer and the helmsman do not acquire knowledge of
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renal tubes by the formation of large, firm, coarsely granular casts
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heaviness and o])pression in the stomach a few hours
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a ligature is passed and tied and the tumor severed. (4) The
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consultation any expert in such matteis, and this case
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must not be used during pregnancy Neither is this drug proposed for use in
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robust position. Its right physiology is yet to be constructed.
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rather impracticable idea of attempting to carry silk and
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of cold applications, but ultimately completely disappeared. In
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of the Odyssey, the hero, after killing hundreds of matrimonial
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sanitasque reipublicai, suprema lex." Let us acquire
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eye, and he has not heard from it any more. What are they? What is their
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given case, since it has been found that great variations
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himself and others — he would therefore be discharged.'
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serves. We have, in this volume, three papers on the subject.
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lieves it accounts for a considerable proportion of the more
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Nott and Gliddon have assumed the function of Iconoclasts, and may
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adopt wholesale (juarautiiie at her seaports has nat-
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sary suffering has been caused through the neglect of people making
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were given erythromycin. Infecting organism was Str. pyogenes. The investigator
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