nipple properly the expectant mother was instructed
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patient, the guillotine is again inserted, and the ring
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General of the United States Public Health and Marine
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of Tuberculosis: It has been ascertained that the double
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consideration all the additional factors in the diag-
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The anterior and posterior ethmoidal vessels, origin-
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gious diseases until the settlement of the white peo-
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lege, and Professor Charlton Lewis was granted leave of
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ers, of llartford, Conn., will deliver a series of lectures on
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complete the method of medical inspection of school
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Keys. — In Chicago, Illinois, on Tuesday, September 6th,
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98.6° F. ; pulse, 120; respiration, 32. Operation at 8.30
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there had been a great general improvement over even the
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limate solution, renewed several times a day. The day fol-
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8. Tuberculosis of the Adult Knee Joint with a New The-
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profession that it always has been the leader in providing
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but if this relation really exists, its pathogenesis
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5. The Use of Pfannenstiel's Oblique Incision through
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specific diagnostic reaction for cancer, the benefit
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apex will expand less at the base than will its fel-
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greasy ointments used to dress wounds, it is thought
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mon in the southern States which bears out Stiles's
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gram:ne will be a "symposium" on the State Control of
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ceeded the deaths by 21,189. During the year 1909 the
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w aters of the bay, a clinical laboratory for diagnostic use, and
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in the Pathology and Treatment of Thyreoid Disorders,
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12. The Present Status of Vertigo Considered from a Di-
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can, if necessary, be entirely disregarded, as scarce-
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the first but had not been associated in any way with the
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und 16 Figuren im Text. Berlin : August Hirschwald,
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Russia — Stavroi)oI, government. . . . .Aug. 1-13 1,298 60.3
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\arious steamship companies arrangements have been com-
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incision was made through the scar of the previous opera-
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cre. From, the latter the spirochgetas disappear com
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tilled with yellowish fluid were noted. Its measurements
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Series 1910. Chicago: Year Book Publishers, 1910. Pp.
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havior of the throngs who turned the announcement that the
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dose of kerosene. The first 5 c.c. caused a moderate drop
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nineteen years old. Arteriosclerosis, diabetes, car-
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found and removed. After repairing the denuded surfaces,
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Well I believe I am a little interested and satisfied that
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percussion showed increased dulness. The sputum had
Further examination of the patient showed a prominence
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the children have lived and slept in open sheds win-
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little value in this country, because the metric sys-
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employed, we feel that artificial pneumothorax, al-