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the identical specimens of urine were employed for the
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of the micro-organisms of tetanus. Suppurating wounds are therefore
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If we suppose that 75 per cent of the 58 deaths which
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Surgical intervention imder these conditions was so uniformly fatal
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la poisoning by Prussic Acid, the auricles appear to act longer than the Tentricle, whilst
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(Richter), is said to be a double primary sclerosis of the lateral columns,
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tious properties are destroyed; and though, when pent
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lecture on surgery, lately delivered at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, related the
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Cilia in Amphibia, Birds, and Mammiferous Animals, by Professor
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several of my own have returned to their homes at the end
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^ Graham, loc. cit.; these algae were not surface algae but were suspended in
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suggestions from our contributors would be regarded with interest.