journal printed in Great Britain more up to date or with a
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underway at several centers. Much work remains to be
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creasing the liberty of them. Many chronic insane, incurable
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cious, at least in so far as they tended to increase the
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to an eighth per cent., so that the cultivations used for the immunising
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Journal, February, 1898.) — When a patient with this type or facial paralysis
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initial deficits, the severity of which has been underesti-
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whole of the cellular structure of Avhich was thick and indurated ; the
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ment is recommended is unsound. It is in the highest deafree
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Fig. 74. Bog Spavin, or distention of the chief synovial membrane of the
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cases of typho-malarial fever. This form of fever is preceded by a forming
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After the attacks the patient is exceedingly weak, and con-
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heart directly into the left, as such caries are always combined with
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* Speaking of the effect of remedies on renal calculi, Janr says (40 Years
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this is from being the case in paramyoclonus I have already shown. Then,
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'Yawning' is an involuntary act performed to stimulate the flagging
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Publisher, Julius Springer, Berlin W., Printer, Spamer. Printing
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whether the tumor be the size of a walnut or as large
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,, ,erical irritation, but he felt nervous and wakeful, and a smaU
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b}- maniacal delirium, during which suicide may be committed, or mui'der.
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flict a condition is brought about analogous to clos-
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thermometer in the axilla shows a temperature of 96 or 95 F. in some
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at large, and may tell upon any or upon all organs. If the
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the legs, especially the right ; the right leg was very stiff ;
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by the occurrence of other characteristic symptoms of that disease. The
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proper in the other. If the pain be attended with fever, the same
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a realization of a need for a more universal system of education. Some
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Symptoms and Effects.— The bark and seeds of the common Laburnum
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Trommer's and Nylander's tests merely indicate the presence of a
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errors in diet, destroyed all the powers of vision that he then
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-inctioned by them: — 1. The site must not have within
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ment. He disliked to see it go forth from the Council that the
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softer character of the swelling. From hydatids the same signs,
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overgrown subjects, in whom the most trifling causes, as the moderate
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the Department of Agriculture for this purpose. But at the request
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method would be an excellent plan to adopt, especially
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two: and for the Myrmecia, that preparation which is made of alum and sandrach.
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around the neck of the sac at the ring ; that can be considered
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such form as the nature of the case may demand, or for
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still lingering in some stage short of that disorganisation which