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unlimited supply of air' to a ward 'is the cardinal consideration' ; and, again,

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Dr. MooRHOUSE — Would it not be better to have two courses ?

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tional enterprise to be paramount issues, aflfccting the

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operation is far less dangerous and much more successful, considered from

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Full-time or part-time position available for an internist or

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short time. The false membrane sometimes loosened rapidly within twelve

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duced into the uretlira the blades of a narrow pair of

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bered that Hebra, Sr., and Kaposi, with their extra-

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Saudi Healthcare '99: International Medical, Dental, Pharmaceutical, Scientific Equipment and Labware

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Jan. 1, 1900, cash bal. on hand 13,566.66 — Treas.

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relationship by marriage between himself and Dr "William Dyce,

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or brown and glistening, he advises the oil of turpentine, as in the

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and in every particular speaks well for the industry and attain-

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and then only in the hands of judicious and wise doctors.

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the floor settled upon the tobacco, or they may have pursued the old

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salicylate of soda. Three days later she felt free from

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marvelous he'will adventure to either lift or to rend, though the burn-

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ry Surgeons, we will present those which guide the practice of our

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extensive application, and, it mtist be confi sscd, with very

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Contagion and marsh miasmata, (10.), may act conjointly in

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which in universal bleeders may be only universal in the

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This work forms a most substantial contribution to the

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sputum, and in the pus from the skin lesions, small yellow

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Of the above mentioned theories of the production of pneumonic

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Asia: Information is scanty, but it has been reported

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reached forty-five, the urine is quite clear, the kidneys healthy, and

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difficult labor from narrow pelvis, deformed I the death of the child will pay the first in-

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uncomplicated by the presence of a living multiplying microorgan-

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which purely operative methods are even now applied to actino-

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one compare them with the upper portion of New York Island clima-

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done little more than warn us from various kinds of hurtful

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never be forgotten that hats and caps which have been previously

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On section the tumors are seen to vary in size and color just as

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in which the temperature hardly reaches 40.0° C. (104.0° Y.) are so

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of a urethral discharge is no justification for the habit of telling the

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as an aid in the reduction of the fragments in fractures,

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the ground th^t the leucocytosis was a protective measure on the part

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3 Vol. 1, part ii, pp. 142-228 = pp7 346-394 of vol. i of Ernest

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