Lectures to Plumbers. By J. Wright Clark. London : R. J. Bush. 1893.

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considerable consignment of unbound copies of the Report of

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Department. He first deals with the new drugs, which suc-

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tine of man. It has, however, been also found in the bile

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one or two households or widespread epidemics like that

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determined: 2. No hsemorrhage obscures the field of opera-

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bullet, armed with such an amount of force as to melt the

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in a most undesirable manner the question whether the

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generations in their life-histories ; as a rule, in these cases

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town, while the vast tracts in the south, east, and north are

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cough diminished, and the patient improved ; but in consequence of a

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coli. Twelve days after the last injection they each received

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Carmichael, occupied the chair ; Dr. J. W. Crerar was Vice-

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amongst the several consequences of the last cholera epi-

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The Christiania records of scarlet fever cases and deaths

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their teaching. The report of the Finance Committee

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The efi'eet of cold climates in the treatment of phthisis and

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poison is always absorbed. That is the point where the in-

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at 20° to 24° C. Then the bacilli are examined. The nutrient

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At an inquest held on April 3rd on the body of an infant,

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mals are well known to possess, of prodigiously rapid multi-