is a peculiar volatile oil, with which there is also a somewhat acrid resin,
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ySMiiim, when there was good reason to suspect the existence of ulcera-
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many German practitioners who are pursuing their profession in this
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tbey are primarily brought into contact: and secondly, to tbeir effects
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In the life of every successful physician there comes
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an anodyne enema. (Thweatt, Ibid.) The same caution is requisite, in
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ing their words or sentiments, I have to acknowledge my
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-iVery kindly as •a tonic, and in the bowels is apt to produce constipation
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fatigue. The sensibility is diminished. The intellectual fa-
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thought that its external use is scarcely less efficient than the internal
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al>ove, and pale beneath. When fresh and bruised, they have a fetid.
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tho combined excitation applied to the nervous centres generally, is not
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always have an attack of tliis disease, w^hen they indulge in the use of
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to produce a good deal of deformity. It is disiingutshed from lead-pala^r
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qualify the action of other substances. It is an excellent addition ta I
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eral hundreds. Excited by being steeped in an acid liquor, it continues
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explained, under the head of the Tonics, there are two great evib flow-
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these complaints, it is probably, in asthma, by so affecting the nervous
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inflammatory attacks of that disease, and might do serious injury.
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Enemata composed of ten grains of acetate of lead, dissolved in six
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t A very slight degree of impregnation with lead is sufficient to render water
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within one county climates will be found frequently varying
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liquid in the bowels, and from the disintegrating tissues throughout the
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the sun is given out. Within the arctic circle, the heat of the
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tieed, and afterwards exposing it for a short lime loan obscure red beat;j
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aolvcd by an exccijs of alkali. It also precipitates solutions of albumen,
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the excitability of the system, having been recruited by rest, is ^reatesl^l
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that it differs not, in this respect, to him who breathes it, in
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the land of their birth, with all the bright visions of happi-
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prevail at certain seasons of the year, and apparently depend,
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The bitter orange-peel, which is imported into the United States, is
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and an excess of riitnc acid. The preparation was not adopted in the I
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tryptose phosphate broth (Difco) and incubated for 18 hours at
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average survival time of mice after their inoculation (i.p.) with
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that the animal heat is in proportion to the quantity of red
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of meningeal inllainmation or acute gaatritis, when brought on by iun
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laboratory to test the hypothesis that preceding or following exposure
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milk. Well might Oribasius quote,, " Milk has two uses,
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dor; and CJancifolia, C. cordifolia, and C. Pitayensia, of New Granada;