chemically recognised, or the amount of stramonium seeds for ex-
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all cases. Groui^s of vesicles may occur, however, in addition to the
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derstand technical terms and treatment of scientific topics.
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and more recently (with a wealth of argument) by Tommasi-Crudeli,
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other nitrogenous substances that are taken to and ex-
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prognosis is usually, if not always, grave in cases
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effort at inspiration will contract or dose the glottis, unless it be held
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attached to the ends of all the projecting spines, the repre-
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onl}' the public, but even the Profession, are in some degree of doubt
cases the relief obtained is not merely subjective, but seems in certain
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2. Deficiency of Saliva^ or dryness of the mouth and throat, denotes
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C Newton M. D., Professor of tneral and Special Pathology.
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Cerebro-spinal, according to whether the poisonous substance affects directly
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pus to have found a channel of evacuation ; while the
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The tissues should be manipulated with the greates.t
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Of the married, fifty-three were heard from. Of these, thirty-
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by the disease than women, and this, like many other points, was the
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it may become bent upon itself either in a spindle-shaped dilatation or in a divertic-
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their truth demonstrated by experiments upon animals or
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but at length terminating favorably, by healthy suppuration. Some un-
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ments for entering upon this course of study are primarily a cash
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1904 P rmirinus Tiraboschi 1904, P. philippinensis Herzog. 1904.
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Co>.ge=: — In New York, on- Friday morning, January 27tb,
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drawing the sliarp line of distinction between them as is sometimes
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apes, monkeys, lions, tigers, bears, and other wild animals
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period from 1867 to 1882, inclusive. Med. News, Phila.,
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