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well as to the flesh of the animal, which when eaten
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which both Rapid City and the Rosebud Reservation are
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not so superficial. Children who formerly were apathetic now
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that the attendant symptoms were mostly due to the presence
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sometimes developed during the acute phase of cases of a severe Shiga
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xxvi, 573 -578. — Rush (J. D.) Salol in typhoid fever.
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Children’s Hospital. At the time of his death, he
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Perhaps the presence of fever and leucocytosis may have misled
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N. T., 1898, liii, 87. — I5i-ouar«lcl. TTeber die Verbrei-
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of the haemoglobin ; the respective proportions of the blood
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ness of giving a mixed diet composed of hashed meat,
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has been the first to appear, and diphtheria afterwards.
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organized, and when and where these services will be
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officers attached to the hospital. On the contrary, I believe it does harm,
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siderable dititiculty; more readily through muscular
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four cases of pleural effusion, including suppurative case.
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ISText, in taking a history, it is essential to take a written history, care-
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harmful practice, but if the shoe is fitted at a dark heat
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and Barthez, after alluding to Whytt having mentioned this symptom, go on.
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for the reason that it was impossible to do away with
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The course of study was revised last year, so as to more
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feel it, and their love at first sight is no fancy, but a reality. It arises, in part,
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do not, however, in the present report enter into particulars
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several months later. At this time there appeared a
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phoid vaccination campaign in co-operation with the State depart-
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Resting, as medicine does, on a basis of scientific observa-
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itself; and states that he has seen " an instance in which the
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Surely in these days of great and brilliant triumphs in
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not expect it to do any good, but that it was usual
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profession in the city and county, some business plans and
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right lung is subsiding, so that now the inner half of the right clavicular region gives clear
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the cause, whatever it may be, of the morbid processes going
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try of air and '^crowd-poisons" have little or no part to play in the expla-
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strong syringe. The patient was now placed in a well-warmed
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being gradually defined and remedies were being sought for by
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Berl. klin. Wcbuscbr., 1895, xxxii, 95G; 971. Also: Ycv-