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Tumors of the Abdominal Walls. — Olshausen (Ztschr.f. Geburtsh.
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In this quotation, doubtless due to a typographical error, I
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it is natural to conclude that the lesion is situated in the hypoglossal trunk below
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the demands of the case, in conditions too trivial for general anaesthesia,
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lowed by considerable swelling of the face and headache.
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drops of muriatic acid, rubbing it well together, digesting it
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by the antimicrobial serum was due to the antitoxic principle contained
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on account of which he was j^laced on milk diet, and the edema
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but that, " according to last accounts, he had improved markedly
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or brownish in color, and quite homogeneous. As they grow older
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attacks occurred twice daily, even although the child was kept entirely in bed.
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always most deferential to their opinion in consultation. He is
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for years without removal, and no lead poisoning has been produced
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