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nancy. When it occurs in chronic nephritis, it is during an

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Asphyxia neonatorum, apnoea neonatorum, still-birth, or apparent death

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The average number of paroxysms is about twenty in twenty-four

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a self help recovery program and are doing very well.

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•21 Studies on the Effect exerted by Shaking on Serum. By

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latans — which consisted in applying a large pitch plaster to

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drop of it. I have known it successful in curing a very severe

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Under the strict rule of paternal governments the safety of the

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is checked, and the "stuffiness" and headache disappear.

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not to be referred to a definite poison, acting primarily upon the blood.

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The uterus was cleaned of blood and returned to the

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and in the practical deductions drawn from them, I have seen but


in these cases was expectant. 1 As long remissions are considered of favorable

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twelve hours after, the cervix had closed up, and admitted one

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structured process, described at length in the Scope of

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M. L. Bassal (Prov. Med.) describes a case of appendicitis