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The movements of the pericardial surfaces frequently cause the lymph to
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alive at an average interval since operation of over three years.
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The Typhoid Bacillus. In pure culture typhoid bacilli present the
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There exist many stories and reports to prove the transmission
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invented specially for this purpose ; that they were of great
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Hardwick Hubert Braye, M.E.C.S., L.S.A., of 15, New-road, Commer-
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sphere is exposed the convolutions appear flattened, and the sulci partly
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thodically dilate the stricture. The flexible English bougie above mentioned
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it was clearly ascertained that the murderer, in this case had used a quantity
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better than any other: they are the most comfortable
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extremities or may be a hemiataxia. In the paraplegic type
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These four cases of reported successful transfusion by
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writers, they have been employed with the full purpose
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^' ^i'lT'"^'"®""™ '"""' '° ''™P'°« "' «'^ -IH "hi* ™-™t
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several years before, answered its aim fully, and comparatively
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over the convexity to be more pronounced than was evident to the naked eye.
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AfTeetions of hearing. — Affections of hearing are not regarded as
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" it often follows on sores, or eruptions situated in the groin, genitals,.
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wise unremarkable. Over the next few days the patient
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mass, formed of some raw green vegetable resembling parsley. Its contents weighed
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front of the i-adins. From its position, it is probal)lc tliat it entered the ])art
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is bringing my suggestions before the specialists of his city, and
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the skin covering the affected joint begins to swell and redden, and
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break out, sometimes in large volume, along the foot of
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excepting in cases of general miliary tuberculosis or an active tuberculous
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fasciculi of the same muscle are normal, or only show fibrillary
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was dead. The heart had ceased to beat, and although I made
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process had been stopped before it had gone beyond the power
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-poison, intending thereby to destroy the life of the patient for whom the
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reached the age of sixty-two years. July 5th. — Passed
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of the Council, to explain them in greater detail if
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is issued in half-yearly volumes, which will be delivered to subscribers about the first
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this addiction, by many men of the profession. This is
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Blacklock, Cecilia Shiskin, B.A. In Midwifery — William
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the demands of the case, in conditions too trivial for general anaesthesia,