ened artery and a blocd-clot in the brain. A mild delirium is some-
in the skin and expose the mastoid, and then open the mastoid cavity. The
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could get no autopsy. Many extra-dural clots were removed.
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the drum of the ear has not been ruptured naturally in the course of the
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long bones in infants, it is necessary that we recall certain diflferences
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mences usually after many years of use and, in the writer's ex-
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both cases, though briefly, together with the four unpublished cases. A
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smallest number, giving room in such a manual for more important
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'^Syphilis in the form of gummatous deposit within the rectal
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Incisions healed by primary union leaving an almost un-noticeable
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upon each other, both for activation and maintenance. While
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I want to say to Dr- Kosmak that Free Choice is just as much
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should be sufficiently large to permit thorough drainage. If the abscess
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metastasis was found, which Beck attributes to the implantation of carci-
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measures have almost never been supported by anybody but
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Case 3 was presented eight weeks ago, and has continued to
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the Tenth International Medical Congress will be held at Berlin from the
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previously. Early during the preceding year she had only been saved
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rently live almost as long as they would have done had they been free
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In the case of feet presentation recorded by Huron,'' the two bodies
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upon writers for these pages is the imperative necessity of brevity and
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They are trying to delude the people ; and what I am afraid of now is that
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mechanical measures, however skilfully applied. Fortunately such cases
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sea voyage. It would be diflBcult to sura up better the cases suitable for
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Labor will either be reduced to slavery and kept in subjection
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have disappeared. Sea life seems to afford in a typical form that com-
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the only, or almost the only, metastasis in the body ; and, second, that
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tion by careful observers, are now too numerous to be attributed to enthu-
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one hour a day. The hours of work are gradually increased every
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During the past three years an unusual form of lung disease has
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Uterine inertia continued, and although no further bleeding occurred, death
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is the most complete that we have seen, and will be of great
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while the corresponding glands of the small intestines should,
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to morphine and as soon as he recovered from his spree never
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juvant. One word must be added about atropine. Its utility ques-
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the onset of influenza. Two of these latter were accompanied by dysuria
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The sea voyage has lately been the object of severe attack from two
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is no provision which permits him a statewide freedom of choice.