be located in the lower part of the cord ; for then the pains, especially

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as the texture of the organ or part they compose, the organs

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tain the nutrition of all living cells, while, at the same time, their

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on the posterior surface of one cord, probably the result of a varicellous

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the symptoms was about five weeks. A case of tumour implicating the

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of a woman, aged forty-four, who had suffered from slight hicmaturia

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bination took place, the blood drawn from any part ol the body, a-om

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assumed intestinal obstruction, and resort to methodical

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^^v J V / > 4 ) J^*£Sr .. tents, closely resem-

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lieved ; pulse 96, soft, and not full ; bowels open.

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secured there. There was no great amount ; perforation, had proved permanently suc-

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children could appose both shoulders without effort. In

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dix. In this case, the appendix passed upward over the

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Improving; clinically well few months later; discharged

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bability, apparently, of pyemic infection supervening. And

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more imbued with this humoral pathology, states tnat drink in-

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due to ether? [Edit.] Med. News, Phila., 1887, 1, 627.

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Beitrage zur palh. Anat. u. zur allgem. Pathologic, Bd. xi. 1892, p. 39. — 26. Dana.

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recently had a specimen from the pia mater of the spinal

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Willen relates the case of a man who lived sixty days

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So much has been written recently on the subject of

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malpractice (bad practice), even though no appreciable injury is sustained

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after you have read every word of the chapter on Drug

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still further and claims that there is a tuberculous type of purpura,

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ods (Mackenzie, loc. cil., p. 163, Fig. 157). Such a direct dependence does not exist, however,

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Symptoms and Coubse. — Romberg describes neuralgia meaen-

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which lessen production by arresting tissue metamor-

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sider the possibility of pregnancy prior to instituting therapy.

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may be conservative, as protecting the system against

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Laceration and Hemorrhage of the Spleen. — The well-known text-books of

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only 36 hours old. For three age periods (from 51 to 56, from 56 to