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et bull. Soc. de'm6d. et chir. de Bordeaux (1892), 1893, 209-

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were measured in each section, and the largest and smallest noted.

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as are the definite shapes of parasitic diseases on leaves."

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Edinburgh. His leisure time he occupied in aiding the Soldiers' and

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scribed with an assurance of a cure, doubtless sometimes proves curative by

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adult dosage; Tablets- 200 mg. 4 times a day; Elixir -two teaspoonfuls. 4 times a day. Supplied. 200 mg yellow, partially enteric coated tablets in bottles of

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the sentiments of nearly the whole of the medical naval corps,"

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inflammation afterwards. For this reason, neither corrosives, nor caustic applica-

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pelled us to omit a report of the proceedings of this society for several

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the courage to operate, as I was almost sure I should

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exposed to bacterial infection, and constitutes a favorable culture medium.

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58 Living Animal Organisms in the Ear. Francis R. Packard.

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hospital authorities are notified, and they send trained nurses to ac-

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Long, L. L., Laurel Springs; Lincoln Memorial Univ., 1916 1916 1934

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presented to the Senate of the United States in execu-

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principal railroad crossings from Mexico into Texas — at El

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was as interesting to him as it was in the days of his vigorous youth.

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will be inserted in the medical acts of other States. The

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Of the more modern history of the disease our knowledge is