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in such a case are still active and able to empty themselves ; but
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sile chez l>-s Hindous. Bull. Soc. d'anthrop. de Par., 1891,
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like appearance to the sick." The respiration is slow; the mind
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Manchester election on Tuesday terminated in favour of Mr.
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around her, and that something is moving : " in this stage, she casts
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of the sympathetic system, to general antemia, etc. Very
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always most deferential to their opinion in consultation. He is
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( 2. The stage of medullary infiltration of the lymphatic structures. 3. The
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moles, frogs, and fishes, during the season of copulation, and be-
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addition there was a most alarming ptyalism. Cold was
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probably measuring seven or eight inches in length, and weighing betwerai
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Morphia (gr. ^ to gr. ^) and atropia (gr. y|^ to gr. yig- to gr. ■^) are
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who bring the disease with them. It is not known to exist in
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mately be improved on. To this end there is needed, in my
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and when the bowel had broken down, infection in the neigliboihood
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usually at the end of the second week. Spotted fever, ship
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dissolved slowly, owing to its calcareous nature, and the capsule
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were easily made out. There was evidently considerable
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the deceased 12 were born in the United States ; 14 were of foreign birth ; of 5
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94. Tuberculin Treatment. — Denison has experimented
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alimentary tract. That tuberculosis has been caused by the ingestion
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its earliest settlement down to the time of Dr. Pierson's arrival in
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Government approved, the funds therefor Avould be available. A bill has
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in the Arlington Exhibit Center. Dr. Glen Baker, chair-
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Marylebone Guardians appeared to have fallen in regard to the
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1. A grain and a half of phosphorus, dissolved i-n an ounce and a
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In 1SS7 a family of three children was attacked with mumps, the disease
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would keep the flies in motion, until in desperation they would move out through the open
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Legry and Dubrisay [Journal de Medecine de Paris, June 3, 1894)
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my district, the lower part of the Burnt Lanes, Nos. 1 and 2, are dens of
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may, in some instances, become pustular, and this fact excludes the
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"In ^MOtic constipation, faypertonkity is found in the distal portion of ibf