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tape ; and it extended above the middle of the thyroid cartilage,

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administration of quinine and the destruction of the parasites lead to

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mouth. If there be breathing, wait and watch ; if not, or if it fail, then,

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and to other causes which are received from without. Here is one ground

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ing, M. D. Vol. I. Illustrated. Philadelphia : J. B. Lip-

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is enclosed in the lipoid-rich cells of the interrenal tissues ; elsewhere in the animal

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His recognition of lengths was only one millimetre in error,

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of history we may be pardoned for referring to the steps

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cartilages, with erosion of the ends of the bones and partial dislocation of

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tions, malaria, nicotin, and gout; (d) reflexes from other organs:

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symptoms and prognosis of the disease, some questions

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the whole of the upper limb. Kaymond's [20] case had double upper

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and the anterior axillary line, while percussion of the

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ducts unite at the caudal end into the vagina and ute-

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