mendation and entitled to a place in our higher educational
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been kindly returned to me, and also of those of other
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surrounded by the growth, svith some infiltration of the adventitia,
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colectomy has been advised (and I must add carried out successfully).
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yellow, brownish, or dark color. In cases of nephritic colic, the
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poisoning had a fatal termination. The first signs of the
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unwholesome food, and close confinement, and ill ventilation,
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C. HADDON SODEN, D.O Professor of Osteopathic Technique
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The cases of young school girls belongs in this class. The
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the side of the lesion. Dysinetria, demonstrated by inability tu touch the rad
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no rent or below market rent for space in hospital-owned office
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with at first little or no fever ; when there have been early gastric
Fig. 169.— Dermatobia cyaniventris, larva, later stage. (After Brauer.)
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was very large, reaching three fingers' breadth below the false ribs ; but it was not
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hy the admixture of bile, but more frequently, although moderated, it
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" Sir, — In reply to your letter of the 4th of April, I am directed
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vessel. If the epithelial stratum be destroyed by any
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effusion in both ventricles. The central canal of the cord was wider than
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case of ])elvic inflammation, accompanied with the above
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number in 24 hours. At first they presented the usual characteristics
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Microscopical Technology. A Manual for Use in the Inves-
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the light of the sun. Dimness of vision as of a veil before
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More than GOOO cases have occurred in a fortnight. Since
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Lewin reports a case of diphtheria in which a typical recovery under
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book* is one which has on one side the "Greek lettera
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perature 97 , pulse 75 ; at 7 a. m. Saturday, temperature 97. 6°, pulse 85 ;