every possible care was bestowed on him ; he was a healthy, strong boy,

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observe the effect of the remedy, and adapt the dosage to the individual. The

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for. The time to look for the parasite would be when it is feeding.

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and upper part of his head. " Thus furnished with so many

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greatly diminished. His general appearance is healthy, and he is very stout. On

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The cases, as well as others to be mentioned presently, in which viru-

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cleared up promptly when the sodium chlorid intake was restricted.

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Paul, Minn., 1899, i, 007-674. -Oalleraiii (G.) & I. us-

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more clearly than those whose cases have been referred

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impression that it was a portion of a tape-worm partly

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was not greatly prostrated, though he was not of a hopeful disposition,

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only able to insure the examination of one in every

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the cause of the disease — e. g., in acute necrosis it runs through its whole evolu-

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and remains persistently so. Enlargement of the spleen is not so often found

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sive; the glands of the neck become enlarged and tender; the voice

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ment is in rows parallel to the free margin of the lids.

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dently hope, that by pursuing Mr Bryce's test, and by increased attention to the

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year, the dose being 7 drops of the glycerine extract. A marked im-

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The Association was called to order at the appointed

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standard positions (arthritis, ankylosis, spinal inju-

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more strikingly shown when one considers the rise of the minute-

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products of combustion are bad, from a sanitary standpoint. These

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cells occurred with these, and fine connective-tissue

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wrong. In cholera, for instance, the circulation which

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the rest of the oral mucosa. They are tender, often spongy and easy to

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blished, I think conclusively, that the lactic acid fermentation or souring of

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on the crown of his head, and pressed them forcibly together."

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•[89] ,, Stott, H. Indian Med. Gazette, Calcutta, xlix, p. 462: 1915, i, pp. 47, 85, 131,

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halo. When the pustules are thickly set, the swelling is universal and

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former times the breast was taken ofi' with all the skin cover-

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benefit from treatment, or consults another physician. The return of the

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209. See also Dakin, H. D., and Dunham, E. K., Handbook of antiseptics,

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Chief id the ( rerman Hospital, Philadelphia'. In three royal octavo volumes ol more