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Harvey's discovery upset all this, in great measure.

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were not common. The greatest risk reduction was be-

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Committee of the Bureau and by the Council of the Arkansas Medical Society.

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The pathology of chronic inflammation of the brain h

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Cholera Infantum : — Dr. Edson of Brooklyn says that he has

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organ, care being taken that the needle thoroughly pierces the

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jection, and suppository. (For doses, see pages 13 to ^9.)

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two drachms. A little more than an ounce and a half of lemon juice

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brought forward by Dr. Stille: granting that a portion of the

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like as efficacious as screening. Mosquitoes should be looked for

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insertion of the smaller fibrils in the larger trunks, where also a sort of ganglion is formed. At those points the

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gastro-intestinal complications which cause vomiting, including

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Of the 268 different fluids tested the reactions were apparently

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the ensuing inflammation commencing at the ciliary margins,

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from New England were among the best educated of the pioneers for citizenship

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article on Venous Injections in Cholera, shall appear immediately.

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(of 140° to 150°) in order to keep the injecting material

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not well borne, or contraindications to it are present, tincture of can-

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fairly well developed ; the spiculae are very long ;

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suggest a spinal paralysis. The condition present was probably

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movable within the pelvis, and the finger could be passed

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form of roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and dried fruits. The bones of a

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