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antiseptic solution. On the left side, free incision of drum only. Result : on
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better obstetrics and establish pre-natal clinics ;
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remark that in speaking of dyspepsia I have simply used
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arteries spring from the renal artery at the bases of the
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of water, and straining through cloth. This quantity will constitute a dose,
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In other cases in which the abscess is very acutely developed the
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Anatomical Plates. By Prcf. J. N. Masse, of Paris, and
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and of the anterior horn cells. There is, therefore, in this case also a
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action. A few years ago, at Germantown, Pa., one of the main supply
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or less influenced by the teaching received abroad,
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Anteriorly it has two fan-Hke organs. It moves about in the water