offers a dynamogenic substance like the serum of young ani-
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effect. The fits became less frequent and there was not so much
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the visual angle, and that the size of that angle is modified by
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I have no doubt that lK>th healthy and chronic carriers were re-
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noticeable in the muscles about the lid, and there is a decided want of
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4. Pulmonary function tests in patients with acromegaly, scleroderma or
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by imposing a new standard of physical self-control
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nation questions. The microbe of the plague is illustrated
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The treatment must consist in warm fomentations, the
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Synonym. — Phenic acid, phenol, phenyl alcohol, pheny-
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suffocation, though death from shock has been recorded. As regards
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the time ot going to press the case had progressed quite
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ing to Squire, its solubility will be i in 160 of alcohol, 90
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cases, preparations, and drawings." For the former subject
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ing is to be avoided, strength being always an important item,
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or two cases, has pr-nhiced strangury. Even in those few cases
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I by the old chemists to a watery distilled liquor,
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aniline water, the aniline-water fuchsin solution is ready
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from the bottom. I fully agree with Dr. Cartledge that I would rather in
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Official J oumal of the Illinois State Medical Society
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definite. The laboratory experiments at Yale showed
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eosinophilia. On the other hand, reactionary eosinophilia has been described
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thenia Gastrica," Bonn, 1882, describes a new symptom,
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ing scars destitute of pigment, &c., profuse hem-
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and the nature of the attack. I veto all commercial preparations of " wine
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conjoined tendon of the tranversalis and internal oblique muscles,
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tric examination shows only a quantitative loss, the patient
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pital surgical instruments; Audiograph dictating ma-
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Had brandy by mouth and rectum, as swallowing became difficult, but
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and 6 minutes. The patient was out of bed on the ninth day,
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Chapter ii. details Baumgarten's well-known experiments on
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later, in the majority of cases these are declared. (Archives of
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him, and perhaps afterwards quote it effectively in reply to some op-
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of anal pruritus. The patient scratches himself during sleep, giving
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chondriac and renal regions. The left side of the abdomen
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variously scattered, but are not unfrequently grouped in segments of circles
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sheep ringworm treatments griseofulvin micronized