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the superior cervical and stellate ganglia are not connected by

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But the clinico pathological evidence on this point is meagre and un

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linear markings. It is in these we find the most constant

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face is usually spared but MacLeod has seen characteristic lesions on

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ticles of the Materia Medica acting powerfully and speedily

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bacilli and sputum spread in May on cover glasses and kept in

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The prognosis and treatment are the same as in children.

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defended many members of the Society in suits for malpractice.

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terminal period of a group of diseases among which I

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tween such as are duly educated and properly qualified for the

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cess. If cicatricial retraction of the connective tissue has suppressed

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Interstitial or parietal appendicitis may have its origin in an abraded

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gulations issued from time to time for the guidance of officers

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The diseases of dogs are very numerous. The following are de

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fact that we shouhl never rely upon subjective symptoms as

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I do not believe that this sound is any more characteristic of

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tinuing however the use of a bandage for ten or twelve days.

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prat A. Recbercbea anatomiaues sur l innervation de

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ment of the hypertrophy of the prostate gland in the very

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order to determine the impact of this new technolo

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ear mark that I confidently believe will be found especially helpful. It

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which readily produce tryptophan. In this respect many earlier

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poetic dramatic and literary of all kinds for Herodotus

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