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liversubstance, mucus, highly acid gastric juice and altered blood,

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Burnett: intesthstal indigestion iN eczema and psoriasis 429

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vomiting. She is practically taking no food to-day. At

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certainty in cases presenting typical symptoms, it may be very difficult

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Thomas read a paper with this title. He wished to submit for

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at the full time. Puerperal fever soon followed on delivery,

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greatly in severity ; sometimes it is of the most agonising character. Gull

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y . i. — Acute Periostitis of the Orbit after Scarlet Fever —

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in an atmosphere of oxygen, lead chromate being used instead of copper oxide.

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able, the jaws are more or less fixed, the limbs distorted, the muscles

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flat fibres, the nature of which is much disputed, very common in the

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and move his feet voluntarily. He has scarcely any pain and

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2. Forcible straightening over a solid fulcrum is often desir-

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toxins. Cervical treatment has more effect in preventing the

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optic neuritis." The want of facilities prevented an exhaustive

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as well as other fatty acids. The result was typically a marked increase

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