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prolabia and face. An abundant purulent or muco-purulent expectoratioUo
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charges of long standing, and the healing of old ulcers, have been sui>
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the opportunity to repay the kindness that he had shown to him.
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head of tumors. They belong to surgical rather than medical pathology,
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connection with the functional disorders of the alimentary canal. I shall
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importance. The chief end to be kept in view is the prevention of the
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sertspoonful of wine whey was to be given every two hours also,
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existing symptoms. At the same time it is well known that a
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of dysentery — ulcerations, sloughing, sphacelus — do not occur in enteritis.
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the best possible condition, and, for this end, hygienic and medicinal
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phosphate and carbonate of lime. The relative proportion of aniifial
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tained from the use of commercial Bromide substitutes.
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atelectasis and apneumatosis are more appropriate than either lobular or
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one of the rarest of diseases. The liability of the peritoneum to become
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surfac(/s. The jjresence of exudation and serous infiltration occasions, at
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of this disease as occurring in infantile life, it will require but a brief con-
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extensively circulated by the Society, and has made such an
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ingly or discarded, llipe fruits in moderation are useful. It is generall}'
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as a symptom, the matter vomited being of a greenish color. The intel-
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tion with the physical signs of a tumor within the chest, situated at some
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aflfected parts. The latter kind of enlargement he distinguishes b}' the
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Tbe Humanized Crusts are warranted to be from typical cases,
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Revenue. — The revenue of the hospitals and hospices, simple
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and died during the afternoon of this daj-. Shortly before death she
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any description of it. In the first volume of the JScleetic RepeT"
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Prognosis. — Whooping-cough is rarel}^ fatal j?er se ; yet, indirectly, it
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||^°" Subscribers who have not paid for the current year, will confer a
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be ejected ; yet, although the disorder may continue for a long time, the
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either some pathological connection between disease of the kidneys and
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unusual thing, at that time. Attention to the duties of his pro-
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By this process of elimination, the number of diseases is diminished, and
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the tormina and tenesmus, the quicker will the disease be cut
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On the 15th of September, 1840, Dr. Grant formed a matrimo-
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superficial layers of the cornea gradually progressed, its limits being
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much decayed ; she was subject to attacks of face-ache with abscess
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if not prevented, it claims only a saline laxative, followed by a little ano-
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of the stomach and intestines to be more or less denuded of epithelium.
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Coma and convulsions occurring either with, or subsequent to, scarlatina
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must needs be limited. The only morbid conditions as yet well ascer-
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addition to four Didactic Lectures, two or three hours are
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situations, living in crowded dwellings, are more liable to be afiected, but