and power of swallowing somewhat, and moreover would be attended with

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felt in the mouth, oesophagus, and stomach ; accom-

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dium taurocholate, lecithin, cholesterin, pigment, and in-


of treatment in such cases are those indicated by seminal emissions and

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Journal of the Medical Sciences " (July, 1880) from Drs. Da Costa and

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If the lesion be supranuclear, there will probably be some other paralysis

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only twenty years old. After his graduation he went

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get multitudes of names to support his cause, though it be the

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■ rectum. Under such treatment the blood pressure soon began to show

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included papers and discussions having more or less to do with

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gave him great pain, and he never could support his weight on the limb.

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diately gave about two grains, considering there was no time to be lost,

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opportunity of seeing much of fever, but his recollection of his former

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(On the contractions of the stomach, intestines, and blad-

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zinc, as well as arsenical pastes, have not stood the test of experience

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Carter, W. F., Captain and Assistant Surgeon. — Relieved

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At 3 A. M. the pain returned with great severity, and the

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esting by numerous historical references not usually found

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Now let me come to some of the particular duties devolving

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search Laboratories of Philadelphia; Consulting Pathologist

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right to obtain treatment now includes his right to seek

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Spirochaeta pallida, it also appeared that there was an appreciable

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together. Why should tapping give better results in pleural

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cians of the French school, and by a large number of English observers.

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arms ; in these paroxysms they sometimes die. They are relieved by nitrite

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tible; there was extreme dyspnea, the face was con-

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The author does not think much of ocean voyages. He

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that " it is simply monstrous that the ' knowledge of the difference

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