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Nothing was observable in the colon ; the appendix was found disorganised

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pepsia. Aloetic aperients, with bark and ammonia, resorted to on such

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we be familiar with histology ; in order that we may be

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provided for by the appropriation bill just passed. The duties

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tumor found, both In contact with brachial plexus. Improvement.

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the upper half of the tumour. The ramifications of the morbid production,

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In the following table are given the deaths per month

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fluences — the irritating acid secretion and the unrest due

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systole causes a distinct but slight change of pressure in the

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in doubt as to what should be done, for these patients seldom

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splenic artery. In one case, a young man first noticed symp-

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It must be remembered that the iodida are of but little

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and engorgement of the left ventricle, which, labouring to relieve itself, the

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of the people" court pestilence and disaster. If we are

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cases might have been quoted as instances of wind-contusion. Neverthe-

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biliary catarrh, autointoxication and cholelithiasis bear the re-

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his ill health, having been previously strong and healthy. Soon after that,

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The author of this article, after enumerating the different states of the

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Dunglison, who stated that her age was of no great importance, and as the

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place. Hence there is nothing to show that the symptoms were caused by

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a considerable number of our professional brethren have died of it.

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tion of 34,500 died of measles, and not a single inhab-

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not discharged. In the cases where the author has had to perform the

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entirely free from attacks of delirium, excepting when brought on by mes-

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care is taken, each individual case is liable to start an

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87 Talne of Z-Ray to tbe General Practitioner. S. W. Beckwitb.

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Amongst the original communications are, the Introductory Lecture by Dr.

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Smear preparations from the spleen showed large numbers of short

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his ill health, having been previously strong and healthy. Soon after that,