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secretion, chill (which may occur quite as readily from the patient's

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and relied for vision on its still more ignorant spectacle-

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The Question of Contagion in Tnberonlosis.— Dr. Ad-

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ment of reconstituting the Executive Committee on another

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ered with a mass of fine cotton batting and secured by a flaniiol

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it may be compared to leucin and tyrosin. Acetone itself is not oxidized

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I am aware that the practice which I have inculcated

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In order to prevent the spread of typhoid fever, it is necessary to

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he used a tent, occasionally slightly nicking the cervix

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necessary to apply an irritation (by a ligature, pinching,

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B. FoRDicE Barker, M.D., Professor of Midwifery and Diseases of Women and

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of dwelling houst^s or in outbuildings adapted for the purpose. Bet-

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show a rapid extension of paralysis (^vide vol. vi. p. 694).

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semester. During this course the basic principles of physiology and chemistry

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the lower order of the microorganisms which lead to disintegration.

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All the skin anomalies are worse in cold seasons. Soft, gelatinous pads,

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a widely known Milwaukee physician, died. His death

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10. Family History. This is a difficult matter to speak of with certainty.

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it is customary to give a hypodermatic injection, and apo-

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when an arrow penetrated the ball), the eye would have been promptly

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twenty had fever during the first five days, the temperature

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ment, a moins que le medecin ne prescrive qu'on )' mette de la vo-

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• any more without marked disturbance. In other words, they had a

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lowing law : " That sections forty-five hundred and

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moves from it all of the exhaled carbon dioxide. Inasmuch as a part

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sound sleepers, especially in weakly women. On waking in the morning,

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because they are free from adhesions and metastases, w^hile many primary

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been slow, and even at the present time, there is a conservatism in the

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between the lymph nodes of different regions as amply sufficient to

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muscles appeared to be firmlv fixed — impossible to open either the

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in the delineation of an auto-intoxication, this pharmacological investi-

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cholera outbreak in Egypt, sailed for Alexandria on

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" syphilis" of fifteen years ago is based upon evidence

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ala nasi, which is larger than the right. There is con-

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bacteria. By establishing normal physiologic conditions of

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surface of the wound is remarkably small, and the soft parts of the

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some seem absolutely normal, while others, even those in their immediate

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and within a week from the beginning of the attack.

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the glory of the one is not the glory of the other. The first is