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American Medical Associatio-n pointing out that the food value
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breaks out among the crews, especially native crews, of ships trading in
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Much depends on the patient's age and on the form of the disease. In
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which affects chiefly the central nervous system, and wh'ich was, until the
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Symptoms. — As the result of general infection, a condition of
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pregnation, emits its young — F. noctuma. The young, after passing along
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sacculated collections of pus are especially unfavourable. When the
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the consumption of beverages of adequate dilution, taken at suffi-
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If this plan is carried out the results are brilliant. Nothing more
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doubtful ones, and by some are erroneously called " diphtheritic throat,"
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be obtained one must have regard to the amount of fluids to be
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Statistics show that intussusception forms about one-third of all forms
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this period that various methods of technique were devised by which
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Dr. W. E. Gallie Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery.
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bacillus, which gives rise, on injection into an infected animal, to a marked
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phenomenon of anaphylaxis. He based his theory upon certain facts
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lived long upon dry food ; though they ftill are be-
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peritonitis by tabes mesenterica ; but, on the other hand, examples
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from that of Paris or Lyons, cities, more inland, and
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tertiary show no such arrangement. The secondary as a rule undergo spon-
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eighteen hours after the development of the symptoms. It is difficult
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developing headache or disturbance of tendon reflexes. Spinal fluid
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dose, it is possible to greatly increase the amount which can be borne.
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accompanying meningitis may be larger, attaining the size of a hemp seed,
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and the fick : for the fureft way to avoid the plague
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dose, and even the claim, put into popular terms, that specific
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vegetables — mustard and cress, watercress, endive, lettuce, spinach,
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have none of the disadvantages observed in those made from phosphorus.
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may be treated by the application of cocaine and scraping, or by the
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little points or granulations called fungus, or proud-
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region, was constantly present. The onset of the disease in most cases
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wife thinks (y^), that fheep, efpecially, fhould fre-
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at first with a tickling in the throat and a sense of heat, and perhaps of
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morbid discharges, find their way into water, where in due course a ciliated
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mour paffes between the fkin and the bowels, it is to
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lamp to fix the films. The staining fluid may then be poured on the cover-