through the avenues of the various state societies, many

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and PoRTES. — Fifty-nine cases of alopecia areata were exam-

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in the last few years, but its spread has been prevented

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smallpox has but a single crop, while chickenpox has succes-

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tion H4 months. Rl?ht monoplegia : no anesthesia ; vesicorectal

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93 Ueber den Therapeutlschen Werth der Elsensomatose. L. A.

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the starch which makes up the larger part of tbe nutri-

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and at the end of half an hour the difference in tem-

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eral way the roads embraced by the Western Passenger

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under it, the universi^ must return the property. The opinion

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denly from cardiac failure. Postmortem, no lesion was found

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with superheated air, and Dr. M. G. TuU* has recorded

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W. Ryan, Coffeyville, vice-president; Dr. William E. McVey,

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The 4icxt congress of neurologists will be held in August, at

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tenacious mucus in chronic nasopharyngitis is a frequent

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(Fig. 7). It interests us to know that the hypogastric

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N«w Board of Health for Norristown. — On May 21, a new

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Sponteneous fracture at middle of thigh, April 26, 1890. " As little blood

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sation to one of acute embarrassment while the unavoid-

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before the Association, moved that the full report of the

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promises to care for 1560 comfortably, 2200 by crowding, and

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removed ; Srd L. Intact : dura not opened : spinous processes of

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on a level with the line which joins the two iliac ridges and the

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Thirty-eight Toronto physicians have been added to the list of

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make their reservations at once, to avoid trouble and delay on

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there is a variation from this arrangement, in that all the

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danger signals and from over-etherization, not from the in-

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abdomen instead of the right, and the location of all