(2) Its presence in the flap bears up the soft parts from the

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found a considerable efl'usion of serum in the lateral ventricles, along

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when the patient walks on the sole of the foot^ but cannot raise the

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of the cow. In procuring it from the latter he rubbed down the

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part; hence we find great difficulty in assigning to it its true and efficient cause;

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leads us to conclude that the pain and suffering associated with

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must be content to urge upon those physicians who take an

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copper was precipitated. Similar results were obtained when the deutoxide

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membranes were Arom one to four centimetres long, of variable width,

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the point of the boU, followed by a dressing of gauze

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* This Part was noticed in onr April namber for 1866, p. 111.

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of large bodies of men trans mare under almost every

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My colleague. Dr. Sanders,^ showed in 1852 that, ''in a well-

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week, took a chill, and developed pneiunonia. But, of

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insane lies (writes the author just quoted) in the direction of

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Devoted to the Interests of the Medical Profession of

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" Position of both eyes natural, and in appearance healthy, but the right eye

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upon to visit a seaman who had been sent ashore from a vessel in the har-

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haps, has been implanted in the subconscious mind in

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resembles the grey or white substance of the brain or spinal

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rather than hazard oar own or oar patient's repatation by a

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sucrar-cane, indigo, tobacco, maize, &c. find a genial climate.

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An Ovariotomy in 1701. E. Eoebbble. — Gaz. Hebdomad., 1866.

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in action to strychnia ; and, as with curare, its application in the

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treatment of intermittent fevers, which this gentleman considers to be caused

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and increases digestive capacity. It is better to take

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