Allg. Zeit. f. Psychiatrie, u. psych.-gericht. Med., 1901,
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and rising humidity, and high winds were each alone capable
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The washing and dressing of infants, with their necessary
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cious fever in which were found the estivoautumual parasites. These
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intelligence that the cattle plague is rife in many parts of
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fever. Tr. Am.' M. Ass., Phila., 1881, xxxii, 409-423. Also,
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530 MISSOURI MEDICINE/August 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 8
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Dr. Gross a very modest and unassuming one on Surgery, and the Phenomenon,
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me take simply the question of diet. You know that we inherited
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intradermal IPPD must be applied for definitive diagnosis. 6
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ovarian cell was not found). It contained paralbumin.
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solution per orem or rectum. It nray cause abscess if
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times. Sometimes, however, it causes a distressing vom-
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tonuria ; 3 by Dr. H. O. Walker,* all recovered ; 5 by Dr.
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flap is not objectionable, and can be in great part remedied
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now exhibited in a Vienna concert hall, and surprises even
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myositis ossificans, but that the localised form may result
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vided in two or more sacculi, each one containing a cal-
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Dr. Holmes saved a horse from choking by opening the
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just as it is acknowledged to predispose some individuals to an attack of
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the lymphatics, or secondary to the catarrhal or ulcerative
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(2) Double Bupt'ured. Ectopic Gestation. — At the July meeting
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what larger in the male. Another reason is to be found in the fact that,
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Mrs. D., aged 35, the mother of a large family, and who
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after her second delivery 1 was again called to her,
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full healthy by causes other than those producing the accumulation of pig
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Irving, Dr. his observations on the diseases at San Juan 189 — 191