mortality of 4.3 per cent, amongst 1000 cases of enteric fever

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3. Features suggestive of plague infection may be simulated by

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were classed fatty degeneration, attenuation of the ventricular walls,

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act which, itself, has a dilating efiect. In cases of retained placenta

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seen at the end of the winter of 1849-50, it was impossible for them to survive

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ceed from the heart itself, which gave a distinct and

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are precipitated when the urine is cleared with lead acetate for the

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dollars, if a sufficient number send word of their willingness to

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moist. Appetite bad. After taking food he has a feeling of great load and disten-

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have been made on long handles and are manipulated like an

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the course of events. Practically, the discrimination is not of great im-

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loped and expanded witliin their substance in a manner which shows

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Examiners, except when the Legislature chooses to exercise this

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On the 7th day, in the morning, after a more restless night than usual,

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fungoid proliferation, does not show on the plate — when

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the thirty second and thirty-third week the placenta at-

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science is called on. One life had been slow to cross the border

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Med. -chir. Centralbl., Wien, 1895, xsx, 129-131.— Bannas

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twelve hours after, the cervix had closed up, and admitted one

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the L. O. A. positon. The first stage ended at 3:15

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Physical Therapists, check on registration asked 751

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was uneventful. The gall-bladder contained a single stone three-fourths

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diseases, and with the exception of two diseases, scarlet fever

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pupils somewhat contracted. In this condition the patient

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the giving is often committed to hands wholly incompetent for

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In Lectures XXXI. and XXXII., the subject of treatment is continued, and


somewhat unusual experience as regards the large proportion of

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cleanliness of the wards ; and to the modus operandi and dress-

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Lond., 1884, n. s., xxxvii, 245-247. — Kiihner (A.) Feh-

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duced in number and some nucleated forms present. In the absence of

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through the courtesy of the superintend- of the body.