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The solution or tincture that I first employed medicinally, on

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calli, and the two limbs were of the same length. A month after

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patient believe that it was owing to the virus. Hence the importance of

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The mode of operating which I have just described may be

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application which it admits, is one which would liken the senior

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The author states that the term radical cure, as applied to the

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latter may be occasionally indispensable, I shall proceed to de-

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dly be performed in vain. The patient, however, rescued

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The patient was then treated to subdue the inflammation

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mation goes on very slowly and favorably in one eye- — even dis-

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From this analysis the following conclusions may be drawn : —

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the arm under the anaesthetic influence of a frigorific mixture of salt and

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tion in the joint, though the whole head seems to be in perfectly

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promptly, but five days later, when summoned, it was found that

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artery in the neck until it can be ligatured in this

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two fistulas had formed and discharged unhealthy pus.

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the capillaries become clogged, and a general stagnation ensues at

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her 14th year, and had suffered during each month of February

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3. That the effects were invariably exhibited on the parts above the wound,

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from ninety-eight to eighty-seven degrees, in a minute and a

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that the surface is but little bedewed with serosity. And hence, as might

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state. The most prominent consideration though, connected with

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Third — I consider that, by employing the grain for the

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without entirely removing the disease, no man accustomed to

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dimness of vision, and an endeavour must be made to

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more than double the quantity of the other, and repeated twice as

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the organs. But the lung- are crippled, and do not carry cm

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rately, of sending them forward to the retail dealers in association with

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much labour: ins in a page, a volume. You will find

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the disease, " thus characterized and defined, differs essentially from

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valuable suggestions, which will, we trust, lead to enlightened legislation

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to fever in his system, but he became very subject to catarrh,

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In a pond on the island opposite to Toronto, we found the