we find that 12,837 boys of five to six ^^ ^ consequence of syphilis or arter-
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surgeon would hesitate to remove an extensive exostosis
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the upper portion of the anterior chest-wall, which, so far as we know,
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nord. Lille, 1889, xxviii, 50: 1892, xxxi, 145; 569.— Ijario-
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So that, if these statistics be true, the immunity from small-
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GEWIN, William C., M.D., Mobile, “Tuberculosis: Prevention And
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of quassia, and other remedies, do good for a time,
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constant in distemper. It sometimes proves troublesome in pup-
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toe-nails were unafiected. Scattered over the thighs and
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mentioned. Indeed, in the beginning of the attack in regular cas4s the
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Indications. — I have carried a woman by repeated
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than force its way into the cellular tissue, yet pneumothorax
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Durham, " Intussusception of the Rectum.*' Mr. Croft, " Osteo-sarcoma
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age rise of the systolic was 9.3 millimeters, of the diastolic 7 milli-
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trium chief symptom, and with it costiveness ; skin hot ; tongue very
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by Patrick L. Remington, MD, MPH; Linda Haskins; Judith Zvara; Barbara
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a second rubber bag acts as a reservoir, and maintains^
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proportion in the sequence or in the correlation of the
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of the fevers, which, from a general pathologic standpoint, would
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in is eitlier chiefly or exclusively in paroxysms, or there may be more
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progressive, and chiefly confined to the ill-ventilated and densely
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the reprobation with which they are viewed by onlookers provides a very
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method to remove them, if large and vascular, or if due to a throm-
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is probable, however, that simple binary fission takes place, and
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furnished by Juergensen and Vogl, for instance, are the
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perfect facility with the language, and who, moreover, were not going
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of a grain of morphine may be given subcutaneously, especially if there
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He must confess, as to the mental anxiety consequent on becoming the
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the protoplasm of the lymphocytes is stained more deeply with methylene-blue than
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occur by night or by day. It soon becomes acute, and returns on the least
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The author outlines the various electrical principles and phenomena
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act as an obstacle to the entrance of the abler members of our
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Miiller's Physiology. Translated by W. Baly, M. D. London, 1840.
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thorough bimanual maniiiulation he convinced himself that the
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tion. This symptom had been found available in differential
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the condensed fluid which he then concentrated. This concentrated
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