not know; but the message that I tell is that he seems to have

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mortem examination was proved to be fallacious. The stomach was

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the usual quantity of gelatinous mucus, there was a pulpy bit of

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tional disease of the stomach ; it is rather neurotic. I have tried

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Robert Sonnenschein, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Laryngology and Otol-

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cellous lesions to become gangrenous. Erysipelas may appear during

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In his recent very valuable work on Practical Midwifery,

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thought, and labour that have been bestowed on them. Nor

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neuropathy already described in the preceding pages.

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The Life of Pasteur. By Rane Vallery-Radot, translated

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sarcastically with reference to those Practitioners who, in the

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uvula, and also in the foul ulcers of scarlatina and diphtheria.

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lar of the aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle, and the conjoin-

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ences for a half-educated Medical man on account of the more

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Officer in charge, Capt. Cabot Lull, M. R. C. ; Capt. L. H. Prince, M. R. C. ;

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statutory requirements as to what constitutes a reputable physician

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operations, he had found both ligaments in each case,

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Although pernicious anemia does not, as a rule, show an increase

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which I was not entirely successful, but I think there was a little influ-

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(super-extension and abduction of single fingers). At the posterior end of the

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Treatment. — In cases due to spasmodic or organic stricture the treat-

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Hospital, and which had never contributed to its resources.

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desquamation of scarlet fever followed, which proved it

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Out of iiciirly oiu! Iniiuirfd nuscs of cliroiiic iktvous

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vermifuge medicine. These worms may give rise to nervous

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measuring 2V^ inches in the vertical and transverse

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reaching from the perineum to as far down the leg as

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Upon this resolution a spirited discussion was held in the after-