and the aged. A further degree of success has been attained
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ilized bone; (5) cranial prosthetics; (6) finally, in order to
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9. In case matter from the gangrenous ulcer shall be received on
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found in this disease. Tuberculosis also appears to be associated with an increase in
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ficiency of vital energy, and torpor, evacuations of blood are
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ful of water every two hours; and twenty-fuur ounces
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invasion of the uterine wall by the chorionic villi. If this view is correct,
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would happen before his next visit. Second, that while in no
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a case in which he was compelled to resect the descend-
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Journal, February, 1898.) — When a patient with this type or facial paralysis
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nol sarkomie vieka. [Pigmentarv sarcoma of the eyelid.]
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is bringing my suggestions before the specialists of his city, and
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necessary to follow the same observers into the various modes
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*' Sunday morning " paralysis, on account of the frequency with which
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molecular composition. Various modifications and sub-
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* Cases thus marked had scarlet fever one year ago in the same epidemic.
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respiration. So, also, on a comparison as regards vocal signs, t he voc al r
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muscular coat of the gall-.bladder. 1 A bubbling sound, caused by the
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portmanteau-maker, who had largely used and handled the black
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director for the coming year, and Professor F. Koenig has
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cannot readily and satisfactorily be accounted for by the mere exist-
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its atrophy by depriving it of the excitement of its exercise, and
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