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Similar cartilaginous masses may also be present in the burs£e

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being a disaccharid, is not fermented until it has been split into dextrose and

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troubles of rheumatic fever are, on this view, the necessarj^ result of

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by its situation, and by its being independent of the respiratory

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the term masl^ed r/oiif. These sym])toms must occur in the person of a

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The interpretation of this experiment is still a difficult one, and

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companied by an attack of migraine ; and in many instances it recurs

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goes on. Under these circumstances the working cells of the body

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pca'i jjassu with other senile changes. The curve and table which are

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fancy. These lectures were appreciated by graduates

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and fatty degeneration of the muscular tissue of the organ. Such

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that it is always necessary to nindy the idiosyncrasies of the patient

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of the stomach are enlarged. The appetite is variable and irregular,

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disease of the vascular apparatus and of the kidneys. Even in the

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The important anatomical collection belonging to the

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is to be taken. The otlier articles of diet may be grouped under the

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which produces the spasmodic condition. It renders the breathing

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and there may be nothing in their symi)toms to lead the physician to

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the albumin of the body is being destroyed — in consequence either

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can fonn a pretty accurate estimate of the gravity of the case.

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In the following case the disease from which the patient was suf-

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of white fibers which connect the medulla to the cerebellum and the

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tion. Threatening symptoms from the side of the In^ain, the respi-

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Pitres and Vaillard in cases of arthritis deformans, and these -m&x

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ous. So much do such symptoms force themselves upon the notice

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sweats of acute rheumatism are altogether peculiar, altogether difl"er-

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Give an ounce of Epsom salts dissolved in water. But first pro-

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eases of the brain. It is not uncommon, indeed, to observe atrophy

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many cases one drug after another is tried in quick succession and

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poison only during their period of functional activity; it is during

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other vegetable alkaloids that have been taken, ready formed, witli