the periphery. In the gray matter, traces of the irritative process are to be
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a strawberry has an acid and a sweet taste, besides its own deli-
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ence. " The use of the capillary tubes of Dr. Husband affords
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" volitional " stimuli, under the influence of which so-called spontaneous
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In the Huntsville, the first person affected with the fever was Lieut.
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nervous system. Fully 80 per cent, of patients with
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reduced within limits which may make the test available in practice. M.
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friends." A great nobleman writes to a neighbour, upon the prin-
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to blood work in general. But it has led to confusion of terms and cells,
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is useful. As regards the production of diaphoresis by hot air,
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dispute as to the origin of syphilis, these papers go very far
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The Association now publishes five special journals devoted re-
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but he does not demonstrate it ("Our Domestic Animals
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oil, or, if there is vomiting, calomel being most satisfactory.
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by a condition most certainly not one of congestion.
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destruction of the thyroid alone produces disturbances of metabolism
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rational account of a case or its treatment, acquires,
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ficient in most cases. It is generally quite easy to keep
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about an hour she was delivered of a large male child, and, to
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the alveolar carbon dioxid lowered or the sodium bicarbonate tolerance
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Granulomatous lesions of tendons or tendon sheaths were occa-
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de Par.. 1898, Ixxiii', 139-143. Also [ Abstr.] : Presse m6d., :