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than the general geological formation, yet this last, as influencing con-
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Fine silk, 4° to 6° is used for vessel ligatures.
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in morals and physiology ; nay, even this reading would appear
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as to the degree of contagiousnes. Some claim that it is almost nil,
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spared at scientific interest. There was nothing so
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erysipelas sets in, in the course of serious, constitutional diseases, with
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urine is accounted for by the pressure of urine overcoming
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as illustrative of its adaptability to the removal of foreign
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extensive inquiries in London ; that the medical staff of
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tion of strychnia we may bear in mind its power to prevent
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point projected a few lines into the cavity of the right ventricle. The
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toms are stationary, and the prognosis, therefore, not hope-
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speedily healed when thus treated, which if managed in the common
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extensively diseased, yet there is no evidnce of even adhesion to
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hollow, which last year was partly filled with fresh water and mud. This hol-
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supervene the myelocytic blood picture may disappear entirely, being
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maintained for two years, and, when severed, the eyelids were able to keep
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The contrast between the two conditions, when typi-
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stone was found in the cystic duct, which was too large to con-
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As regards the fourth consequence, " hemorrhage from the
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become swollen. Under these circumstances, the oral cavity
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proper diagnosis. The student or physician will find
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with all the sanitary organizations which existed ; whereas rats were working
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superfluous by the regulation of the new penal code already (p. 303,
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The rate of increase since 1894 is specially noted, the leap being
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2. The remarkable exemption of the inhabitants of that
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favorable, while the rigidity with which the epiglottis is
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Emulsions of this oil may be made in the same way as
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applied to the cranium ; first on one entire half and then on the other, and so
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seen and are of importance. Waxy casts ureg of gchool Hfe . unable to wit hstand suc-
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Eep., 1897, V, 48.— Ayrcs (S. C.) Five cases of .sympa-
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On August 16 the patellar reflexes were markedly exaggera-
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hours only. Convulsive twitchings may be present. During the attack cere-
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From a medico-legal standpoint, the dilliculty lay in
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walled ducts into closer relation with the vessels which surround them, and