color. The ri^lit kidney weighed 178 grammes; the left, 105
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The Microbe of Diphtheria. — " The announcement of the discovery
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some writers, especially those who have followed the teachings of Niemeyer,
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very faintly. The nucleus was placed eccentrically. No chro-
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epilepsy, paroxysmal loss of consciousness with convulsion ; by spasm,
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habit of diagnosing and treating disease with the aid of a
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Clinical Soc. of London : " Report on Antitoxin," 1898.
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inflammation or febrile condition of system and of general plethora,
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from the South. We do not see cases of malaria here long enough to
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forty years. The total for the United States is estimated
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trouble ; and also those cases that come with a number of sinuses in
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60 Clinical Lectures upon the Etiology, Pathology, Diagnosis and
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limited extent, and if the surgeon follows the practice which I have
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iiT much in size and number in different cases. They are flattened at
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little consequeuce, and that whether it be rheumatic,
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suggestie. Couraut, Tiel, 1895. xlix. no. 29. —
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raise has been bestowed upon this new remedy, more careful observa-
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Vedder, with urgent pain in the bladder and too fre-
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There are many agencies which may exert an influence
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blanket, then a thinner and thinner one, until at last, if you are patient
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pntrified and is the cause of an increase in the fever and
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the surgeon's consulting-room. No doubt, various unpleasant
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Papular eruptions are more rebellious requiring a few
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themselves, which are lined by a delicate mucous tissue, with
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said had been present since she was a girl ; she was not able to walk up
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and pulpy, and an abundant dirty-looking puriform material
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mean (fig. 1). We see that the part of the head in front of the cranio-
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tion — in anthrax, for example. Xo one would think
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[etc.], Utrecht, 1888, xii, 14-21. — Black (N. M.) Some
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non-generic prescriptions be filled with the precise prod-
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the duration of the malady, but rarely, if ever, attains a high degree of