had been sent on a voyage round Cape Horn. He returned in
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Oneida: "The sentiment in favor of this movement seems to be
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the balance of the sexes more nearly equal, and therefore render the suggestion
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be strictly accurate and exactly comparable one with an-
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drawn from the uiuhilieus to tlie antcM-ior supcricjr spine of the ilium
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when admitted. There remained, therefore, 300 cases
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whole of the tongue is perfect, it is evident that the fifth pair of nerves is un-
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every second hour. At the end of twenty-four hours the
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XXXI. Opie, Eugene L. The Transformation of Serofibrin-
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tion of the State, and while out driving in Ouray, one
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mental effort and judgment, (3) technical skill and physi-
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by the presence or absence of associated changes in other parts. Cases of
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panied by, but substituted by murmurs. In mo>.t cases in
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Tumors of this kind rarely occur after puberty or under three years of
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sender Divergenz der Orbita. Arch. f. Augenh., "W.iesb.,
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from the vacuoles. In stained preparation the nucleus of
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life. Mr. jNIotion, inspector of poor, gave some information as to the
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little depth led to paralysis of the extremities of the opposite half of the body. This gener-
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By thus studiously applying himself the doctor may become as progressive
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treatment of the sloughing and ulcerating parts of the skin
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existence at Middletown, the superintendent says that his mental
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Jaundice of malarial origin is benefited by bitter tonics the best of
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more claims, then female patients and patients with more
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several other experiments have shown that occlusion of lymphatics
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I say, to understand by what argument it could be maintained
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the beans and steeping the powder in sterilized water.
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method of examination by which I was enabled to ascertain that the
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which gives an account of the same disorder having carried off two-
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author's right of property in these important lectures.' "
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soft parts are also susceptible to these vibrations, but not to so great a degree,
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Case 2. An injury from a similar explosion- was different in appear-
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cocytosis. No eosinophilia. The high count of reds is
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to enter. There is, however, one observation on this subject that I