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liber ihre Anordnung. Morphol. Jahrb., Leipz., 1895,

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between the two gives the " Latent H." To detect H we may employ

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difficulty in urination is lessened, residual urine decreased,

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the trachea lies much deej)er, and not infrequently the large blood-

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ossification, it is right to say that the bone is formed as a

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boiled at 107-8° at 13 mm. On redistillation it boiled at 105-6°

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It was customary in fevers formerly to allow only a small amount

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Physical Signs. — The signs may be due to the tumor itself or to an

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Eau du Dr. O'Meara. It is a tincture of pellitory, vetiver,

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adhesions, and liver defects (Rautenberg, Deut. med. Woch., Berlin,

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